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I go I know not where to bring back I know not what.
~ Russian proverb

I began painting daily after a near-death experience almost 20 years ago. My art explores the space between this realm and what I call the ethers, the spirit world, and my shifting awarenesses of angels (in all their rich and varied forms), messages, portals, myths, archetypes, and the energies, always the energies. Ever moved and intrigued by our shared humanity, while holding hope for transformation and true transcendence, inspired by wonderful animals and nature, I hope my work supports viewers and collectors in connecting even more with their own depth and divinity.

My paintings are held in private collections in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and have been exhibited at the Barbara Anderson Gallery in Berkeley, Swallowtail in San Francisco, a solo show at Beyond Baroque in Venice, California, and at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art as part of the Fashionistas Fight Back! group show. They are currently on exhibit at Frank + Lola in Oakland, California. Mostly self-taught, I feel happy and honored to have studied oil painting with Mel Prest and Yee Jan Bao at CCA, and been coached in intuitive painting by Chris Zydel in Oakland. I adore animals (they frequently come through my paintings ~ especially the big cats, dogs, wolves, horses, donkeys) and donate a generous portion of all sales to animal and humanitarian causes.

If interested in my work, please email me at to discuss possibilities. I often sell originals, can offer reproductions, and am currently accepting commissions. With my background in the intuitive and healing arts, including Reiki and animal communication, I feel commissioned pieces can, perhaps especially now, make for unique and personalized life additions.

A gentle reminder that all my work is protected by copyright which remains mine even after the purchase of a work.

To view my poetry and writing, please visit, my Facebook page at or on Instagram @katayoon zandvakili.

With warmest thanks for your time and support.

Yours in Joy,

California 2021

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