What They Say ~

“What I love in your art, Katayoon, is that it is at some limit between figurative and abstract, it is abstract but the lines get together and converge into the reminiscence of some memory of something real. I want more. Your art makes me see life clearly, a rabbit, the head of a horse, the figure of a motherly angel. Your art makes me see things I love, it’s an active process, if I don’t watch I don’t see, but once I saw, even if I don’t watch anymore I see. Xoxo” ~ PB, July 2020 France

“This site and the art within, is a solace for me. During this current period of turmoil where we are witness to the great scream of nature being expressed, which probably Munch had felt that evening, this art is a comfort. It reminds me of the brush of nature which has painted in beautiful coordination, the different worlds, angels and the dark demons. Is there anything that can be anything other than beautiful? To witness.. To learn to be a viewer of the art, without becoming the painted object is the art that I learn every time I gaze at this contemporary collection.” ~ JH, May 2020 London

“I love your work.” ~ LD, April 2021, Melbourne, Australia